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About us


“Music Land” was founded by Mels Snkhchyan in 1993 in Yerevan. “Music Land” is the first professional musical instrument store founded after the collapse of the USSR, which is still located at Kasyan 12 str.

In the absence of musical centers, Mels Snkhchyan, being a musician and a patriot, wanted to preserve the spirit of art in his hometown.

It all started with a small shop of  keyboard instruments (1-2 CASIO and YAMAHA synthesizers and several types of guitars), which has come a long way. And today our store is ready to offer you all the best in the world of music.

Currently, the company “Music Land” represents a wide range of musical instruments and musical equipment. In our stores you can find almost any musical instrument and audio equipment that interests you. We have a huge range of strings and accessories, as well as the largest selection of harmonica, ethnic instruments and guitar accessories.

The company has many years of experience in wholesale trade and a formed brand package that can provide a full range for retail music stores.

Today, “Music Land” is not only a retail store, but also the largest distributor, importing more than 20 global brands.

The company has exclusive contracts for the supply of the following brands:

We are ready to send the goods to any point of the country in any convenient way.

The best "price-quality" ratio makes the product attractive for all the range of  buyers.

Our employees are always ready to come to your aid in choosing musical instruments, be it a string, keyboard, percussion or any other instrument. You will always get professional advice on the selection of musical instruments, equipment and accessories.

In the near future, an online sales system is planned through our website www.musicland.am. The company has a flexible system of discounts and bonuses. Each buyer can issue a discount card in our store.

For our customers, we constantly conduct various marketing campaigns, prize draws and sales. You can easily track them thanks to our weekly newsletters and announcements on the site.

The company “Music Land” cooperates with music schools, theaters, conservatories, educational institutions, music venues and recording studios and also provides information support for different events.

We will always give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the instrument closer. Most of our employees play musical instruments perfectly, and if you are just starting to master the world of music, and, for example, want to buy a guitar for the first time or choose a synthesizer, they will be happy to demonstrate all the possibilities of musical instruments, sound and concert equipment that interest you.

Our service is equally convenient for both professionals and beginners.

 “Music Land” guarantees high quality products and service.